Young Investigators’ Day
Celebrating 45 years – 1978 to 2024

Young Investigators’ Day at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School was established in 1978 to recognize the outstanding research contributions made by our trainees: medical and graduate students, postdoctoral and clinical fellows and residents. The annual celebration includes brief presentations by the awardees, a poster presentation and reception. Awardees each receive a cash prize as well as recognition during convocation ceremonies. Many Young Investigators’ Day winners have gone one to very successful careers in biomedical research.
Each award carries a distinct honor and specific history to the legacy of biomedical research here at Johns Hopkins, and a number of named awards were established and are generously supported by friends and family in memory of past students or faculty members.

Student Awards
The Michael A. Shannoff Award
The David Isreal Macht Research Award (1983)
The Martin and Carol Macht Research Award (1993)
The Alicia Showalter Reynolds Research Award (1997)
The Matte Strand Research Award (1998)
The Hans Joaquim Prochaska Research Award (1998)
The Nupur Dinesh Thekdi Research Award (2002)
The Bao Gyo Jung Research Award (2008)
The Ivor and Colette Royston Awards (2001)
The Paul Ehrlich Awards (1982)
Student Presentation/Certificates of Merit
The Paul Talalay Research Award
The David Yue Research Award

Postdoctoral Awards
Support is provided by the Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Society, and the Dean of the Johns Hopkind University School of Medicine:

The Alfred Blalock Research Awatd
The A. McGhee Harvey Research Award
The Albert Lehninger Research Award
The Daniel Nathans Research Award
The Helen B. Taussig Research Award
The W. Barry Wood Jr. Research Award
Postdoctoral Awards (1982-1995)

Awardees are chosen by a committee of School of Medicine faculty members, chaired since 2023 by neuroscientist Zhaozhu Qiu. Previous committee chairs include: Andrew Holland (2018 – 2022), Alex Kolodkin (2012 – 2017), co-chairs Shanthinii Sockanathan and Alex Kolodkin (2010 – 2011), Randell Reed (2008 – 2009), Se-Jin Lee (2003 – 2007), Theresa A. Shapiro (1999 – 2002), Peter Agre (1995 – 1998), and Paul Talalay (1977 – 1994)