The Paul Ehrlich Research Award were made possible through a gift from Dr. Emanuel Libman, a New York City internist, to honor the memory of Paul Ehrlich. Dr. Libman is best known for the description of Libman-Sacks disease. Paul Ehrlich (1854 – 1915) was a pioneer in chemotherapy and is widely recognized as the “father of chemotherapy.” In 2910, two years after receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on immunity, Ehrlich reported the epic-making discovery of Salvarasan for the treatment of syphilis. In 1904 he gave the first Herter Lecture at Johns Hopkins. Since 1982, the Ehrlich Awards have honored the outstanding scientific contribution be candidates for M.D., Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degrees. Four Ehrlish awards have been given annually since 1988.