Colin Chih-Chien Wu

In the Green lab, I developed a methodology to improve the current resolution of ribosome profiling technique, allowing us to systematically define the in vivo ribosome conformational states genome-wide. With this high-resolution ribosome profiling approach, we are able to decipher how cellular stresses regulate translation elongation.

Questions & Answers

What does receiving this award mean to you personally and professionally? Do you have any connection with the particular award you received?

I feel honored to receive this award. I believe that the Paul Ehrlich award will continue to motivate its awardees to pursue a career in science.

What contributed to your project’s success? (Special skills, interests, opportunities, guidance, etc.)

I have been fortunate to have guidance from my mentor, Rachel Green. Her passion for science is contagious! In addition, my colleagues in the Green lab are second to none. I couldn’t have done this without them.

What thoughts do you have about Young Investigators’ Day itself, as a celebration of the roles students and fellows play in research at Johns Hopkins?

I think Young Investigators’ Day embodies the idea that Hopkins recognizes its trainees’ hard work as cornerstones of scientific advances.

What has been your best/most memorable experience while at Johns Hopkins?

I have really enjoyed our departmental colloquiums. The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics is a very friendly and collaborative environment.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I enjoy photography and astrophotography in my free time.